Board of Directors

Ellie Woodrow –

Founder/Executive Director

Ellie is a single mother to her grown daughter, Sammie (20). She is also the proud mom of Payslee pup and Princess kitty. Ellie holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a Master of Public Administration – Public Management, both from Indiana Wesleyan University. Ellie formed Courageous Rescue because she felt God called her to do so. This is God’s rescue; she is just the vessel. It is her hope that this rescue will be able to rescue the mistreated, save the injured, and love the abandoned (dogs as well as humans). There are so many in the Fayette County community to who need the love, compassion, mercy, and understanding this rescue has to offer.

Casey Andolina -


Casey is the mother of three: Collin (23), Olivia (13), and Kendan (10). Her dog, Hebrew, recently turned one. He is already 85 lbs. She has been a lifetime dog lover as they are definitely healing creatures. She has been blessed to know Ellie, Founder/Executive Director, for over 20 years. She thinks it is an amazing calling from God to being to heal her town with love. Being a part of both human and dog rehabilitations has been a Godsend to her family. It is an amazing way for her kids to give back and be involved. Her daughter, Olivia, loves going to different animal shelters and talking about how excited she is to be able to help and asking, “Is this what ours is going to be like?” She feels privileged to be President.

Danika Kennedy –

Vice President

Danika is married with 3 teenagers, 4 dogs, 1 cat, and fish. She is a Medical Laboratory Scientist. She graduated from Ball State University and Clark State University. She was a small business owner for 9 years, and has held various board positions throughout the years. She is currently on the Football Booster board and is President of the Baseball Boosters. She has volunteered for many events and coached numerous teams. She loves all animals and cannot remember not ever having immense empathy for dogs especially.

Kayla Noah -


Kayla is a single mother to a perfect little boy, Sawyer. She works in a developmental preschool and loves every bit of it! She is excited to be on the board of Courageous Rescue and has always loved animals. She wants to help change the lives of animals and people who need help, love, support, and understanding.

Jenny Ramsey -


Jenny is Momma to two dogs, Capone and Milo, as well as two kitties, Jack Jack and Hemi. She is a medical scheduling specialist at a local imaging center. She likes to read, write, and spoil her fur babies. She is excited to be on the board of Courageous Rescue because she has always loved animals and has always wanted to save those that were overlooked or misunderstood. Being a part of this rescue, she finally has that chance.

Vicki Hathaway –

Board of Directors Member

Vicki is a stay-at-home mom of her 7-year-old daughter, Josie, her 11-year-old mixed breed doggie, Carly Belle, and her 5-year-old Tabby cat, Lucky LuLu. She spends most of her time taking Josie to dance classes, Girl Scout meetings, and helping out with school activities. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering in many different ministries at her church. She is excited to be a part of Courageous Rescue because she believes in the mission and feels that her community has been in desperate need of an organization like this for many years. She can’t wait to see God use Courageous Rescue to spread hope, encouragement, and love throughout her town.